Protecting Your Hearing Before It Is Too Late

Next to our vision our hearing is probably the most used sense of the body.  The way the human body interprets sound is by the vibration of the hairs in our ear as well as the vibration of the ear drum.  When we are younger our hearing is typically strong and unaffected.  Over the course of our lives and the impact of sound on our hearing can become very noticeable.  Seeking out an audiologist phoenix professional will be the first step in understanding how sound has affected your hearing and what you can do to lessen and stop future hearing loss.

Avoid loud sounds

The first thing that you need to do is avoid areas with loud sounds.  These places can include concerts, construction sites and airports.  When we avoid these areas the sounds that our ears pick up will be less harmful and impactful on our hearing.

Wear protective ear wear

Headphones, ear plugs and other devices that cover our ears are designed to protect the inner ear from vibrating to excess.  When wearing this protective gear make sure that the ears are fully covered and that they fit snug over the ear or in the ear cavity.  If they don’t fit correctly then they are not giving you full protection.

Turning down the volume

The most common form of hearing loss or damage comes from playing loud music or sounds.  Typically, we will wear headphones and other devices to block the sound to the outside world.  By doing this we are concentrating the sound directly into our ears. If this is the case, then the volume should be lowered as much as possible.  With so much pressure building up in the ear from using these devices we are causing damage every time they are used.

Don’t use cotton in your ears

One way that people have tried to protect their ears is by sticking foreign objects in there to prevent sound from passing through.  One of the most common of these items is cotton.  When putting cotton in your ears you are creating a barrier, but it is not an effective barrier.  Also, when we stick these items in our ears, we are potentially setting up a situation where they can do more harm than good.

Watch your medication intake

When we feel sick the desire to take some form of medication to feel better is strong.  Studies have shown that when someone has a cold or other illness the risk of hearing loss is greatly increased.  Before taking any type of medication make sure to consult with your doctor to ensure that it won’t have any adverse effects or harm your hearing.

Give your ears a break

The world is constantly sending sounds to your ears.  Over time this can cause damage.  Giving your ears time to rest and heal will help in maintaining your hearing over a long-extended period of time.

audiologist phoenixappointment with a doctor

See a doctor

To ensure that your hearing isn’t going bad, make an appointment with a doctor.  The doctor will be able to conduct several tests to ensure that your hearing is healthy and that no threat of hearing loss may occur.